Bee Species

The "Honey Bee" is perhaps the most famous, and more than 270 species of bees have been recorded in Britain alone. The species of the Honey Bee can be distinguished by their furry bodies and are divided into the yellow-black striped garden bee (Bombus Hortorum)) and the so-called "bumblebees" (Bombus Lapidarius).

There are also solitary bees, which tend to be smaller. Although many solitary bees can be found in an area, they prefer to work alone. These include the Osmia bee, the Megachilidae, and the Andrena.

Also, the weaver bee (Anthidium Manicatum) cuts fibers from plants to weave its nest, and at the same time, the red bee-weaver (Osmia Rufa) lives in hollow plant trunks and holes in the wood.