Help Bees

Suppose we devote more time and resources to the study of bees, spread awareness, and pursue positive coexistence with them. In that case, we can help both wild and domesticated bee populations. Bee rescue begins with the restoration of their habitats, the improvement of the methods used for their conservation, the reduction of the use of harmful pesticides, and the dissemination of knowledge about the importance of bees to our ecosystems and our daily lives.

Buy Melissafarm's Products
"Love the Bees Tea"

Along with these drinks, you receive some seeds, that when you finish using the product, the container, adding soil in it turns into a pot, and you can plant them in it. When they sprout, they can be transplanted into a larger pot, in the garden, or on the balcony, thus providing food to thousands of bees.

Other Ways to Contribute

Plant a garden!

Plant a garden using beekeeping plants. Thus, not only will you help the environment, but also the bees can be fed by them and can continue to offer us all their goods generously. It does not need to be somewhere private. You can plant on the balcony, on the terrace, or even in the countryside!

By honey from local producers

Some large honey brands distort their honey, thus harming both the human body and the bees themselves. Say no to the "big" brands, buying genuine honey and other products from "small" local beekeepers, thus ensuring excellent quality, taste, and also knowledge about the treatment of bees.